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Roots of Renewal is a powdered blend of roots and spices that support skin vibrancy, gut health, and liver function (aka "detoxification"). All while providing nourishment and emotional resiliency.

Flavor Profile: Rootsy sweet base with a deep nutty undertone outlined by hints of bitter & spice. 

Ingredients: Burdock, Chicory, Dandelion, Ashwaganda, Cinnamon, & Nutmeg.

Roots of Renewal

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  • A  non caffeine containing powder that can be added directly into hot water and enjoyed, or prepared, like coffee, in a french press.

    Note: All ingredients are grown with organic farming practices. The majority of materials source are from local small scale farms to ensure the freshest quality plant materials from this year harvest; to support equitable farming; all while tending to the plant populations we call upon for support.

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