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Hydration invovles more than just the consumption of water; depending on minerals to carry the water into the tissues, and the tissues receiptivity.

Ocean of Hydration carries moisture into the body; permeating all tissues with a diffuse nature, in a similar way large bodies of water generate moisture throughout their ecosystem. 

Call upon this blend on the hot & dry days, or, season of your life; too coat & soothe the GI tract; or to support overall tissue health by bringing moisture into a dried out body. 

Flavor Profile:  Creamy sweet with cinnamon spice enveloped in a light seal of sour.

Ingredients: Marshmellow Root, Plaintain, Oats, Cinnamon, Rosehips & Horsetail

Ocean of Hydration

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  • - This is a potent blend of non caffeine containing herbs used for tea, otherwise known as an Herbal Infusion. 

    - All ingredients are grown with organic farming practices. The majority of materials source are from local small scale farms to ensure the freshest quality plant materials from this year harvest; to support equitable farming; all while tending to the plant populations we call upon for support.

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