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Rooted & Reaching Wellness 

Herbal Wellness Consultations ~ Therapeutic Massage ~ Embodied Movement Guidance 
Upcoming Event:
Upcoming Event:
Apr 03, 2024, 10:00 AM
Grateful Desert Apothecary Joshua Tree

About Lauren Flanagan

Clinical Herbalist, Licensed Massage Therapist,
& Movement Re-Education Guide 

Lauren is a student of the human body and the natural world. Listening is the strongest aspect that guides her work with each individual. Being skilled in different aspects of physical and energetic arts Lauren crafts a unique treatment for each client that engages in her wellness offerings. She walks alongside each client as they discover or rekindle their wellbeing. She is not a healer, she knows how to offer the right causes and conditions for the client's body so they may heal themselves. In this way each individual is empowered with self knowledge and mastery that feeds their individual wellness far beyond each session.

As a student of the natural world Lauren has immersed herself in a close relationship with the earth and the plants that live beside her. In early life, studying nutrition sparked to Lauren's work in a local health food store and private kitchens. This led Lauren to complete a Degree from Bastyr University Herbal Medicine program, after which she completed an Advanced Clinical Skills program with North American Institute of Medical Herbalism; she continues to learn from her peers by attending botanical medicine conferences with at Southwest Botanical Conference, the American Herbalist Guild, and more; honing in her skills she has taken continuing education classes with the Eclectic School of Herbalism focusing on functional blood work and autoimmunity. Every day she studies. tastes. and engages with the plants that she is in relationship with ~  in her own life and in her wellness work.

As a bodyworker Lauren began studying Meditation and Mahayana Buddhism in 2008, she then studied and trained 200 hrs in Ashtanga Yoga. Her yoga practice is rooted in the traditional 8 Limbs of Yoga and now encompasses somatic and restorative yoga practice to help each individual begin where they are at. In 2021 Lauren completed her 625 hour training as a Licensed Massage Therapist in Washington State. Since then she has completed her three level Craniosacral Therapy Training 63+ hours in 2022 which includes her Intraoral Endorsement. Whether working on emotional or physical wellbeing Lauren considers her work a collaboration with each client and centers the client's wisdom in each practice.

She practices reciprocity with the plants directly by tending to her own and others gardens. As a steward of the earth she works with bioregional and medicinal plants. Because of this work Lauren is skilled at identifying potent remedies and ethical harvesting practices.


If you feel inspired to collaborate with an experienced practitioner, set and achieve your intentions, and live more comfortably in your body, connect with Lauren via email:


Lauren's mission is to support safe and accessible resources for herbal medicine and guidance in mind/ body-based practices. In support of this mission for a more just and equitable future sliding scale and/ or payment plans are available upon request. 


Lauren's CV with more detailed training and experience is available via email:



Why work with herbs?

Meet Lauren
Why work with Herbs?

Herbal remedies can bring the body back into a state of balance.


As the foundation for nutrient absorption proper digestion is warrented for personal comfort and is the key to optimal health. 

Nervous Tension

Feeling angst is a silent plague for many in our fast paced society.  Herbal allies can help establish greater ease in our body and mind allowing greater presence and focus.

Cardiovascular Strength

Establishing vasculature strength is the greatest preventative treatment for reducing the risk of developing heart disease.

Menstrual Regularity & Urinary Tract Health

The appropriate herbs for each unique body type can naturally regulate the menstrual cycle  and tonify the kidneys, bladder, and urinary tract. 

Immune System Support

Allergies, chronic inflammation, or susceptibility to infection  are a few indicators that the immune system is asking for deeper nourishment.

Releasing Substance Dependency

Overuse of nicotine, alcohol, coffee, or other substances take a toll on the bodies nervous system and detoxification pathways. Learn how to support your body and ease your transition to freedom! 


Wellness Services

All offerings are sliding scale upon request. All services can be arranged for online or in person sessions. 

Herbal Wellness  Consultation
Back Massage



Follow Up Herbal Wellness Consultations

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Intro to Meditation Sessions
Restorative Movement & Ashtanga Yoga

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Rooted and Reaching Wellness is currently practicing in Coast Salish Territory of the PNW. Appointments held at the Kirkland Healing Arts Center, Virtual, or Mobile servicing; Kirkland, North Seattle, Redmond, Bellevue, and Woodinville.

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