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About Lauren Flanagan

Herbalist, Bodyworker,
& Movement Re-Education Guide 

Lauren's life experiences have woven together and inspired the creation of Rooted & Reaching Wellness:  A practice that nourishes the body and mind through Wellness Consultations, Herbal Medicine, Therapeutic Massage, Meditation, and Movement Reeducation through Yoga. Rooted & Reaching Wellness provides guidance and support for living more comfortably in one's body.


In the vast and open spaces of the Mojave Desert, Lauren's understanding of health surfaced, her intentions for life were refined, and the connection to her body was rekindled. Meditation was the first tool she discovered as she dove into the Mahayana Tradition which revealed the power of working with the mind and emotional body to support the life she wanted to create. 


She studied and practiced yoga in the Ashtanga Tradition, completed a Teacher Training in the Mysore style teaching and participated in Restorative Ashtanga Yoga Mentorship where she was fortunate to work with a variety of age ranges and ability levels. She continues to teach yoga in several spaces including alongside an Occupational Therapist at Holistic Orthopedic.    

With a deeper dedication to the medicine path, she attended Bastyr University Herbal Sciences Program. The Bachelors of Science extensive curriculum included:  Anatomy & Physiology, Organic and Bio- chemistry, Herbal Medicine Making and Formulating, Pharmacognosy and Herb Drug Interactions, Herbalism First Aid, Materia Medica, Traditional Ayurveda, and more. As student of life, Lauren is dedicated to continue learning every day. 

She practices reciprocity with the plants directly by tending to her own and others gardens. As a steward of the earth she works with bioregional and medicinal plants. 


If you feel inspired to collaborate with an experienced practitioner, set and achieve your intentions, and live more comfortably in your body, connect with Lauren via email:

Lauren's mission is to support safe and accessible resources for herbal medicine and guidance in mind/ body-based practices. In support of this mission for a more just and equitable future sliding scale and/ or payment plans are available upon request. 


Lauren's CV with more detailed training and experience is available via email:


Why work with herbs?


Herbal remedies can bring the body back into a state of balance.


As the foundation for nutrient absorption proper digestion is warrented for personal comfort and is the key to optimal health. 

Nervous Tension

Feeling angst is a silent plague for many in our fast paced society.  Herbal allies can help establish greater ease in our body and mind allowing greater presence and focus.

Cardiovascular Strength

Establishing vasculature strength is the greatest preventative treatment for reducing the risk of developing heart disease.

Menstrual Regularity & Urinary Tract Health

The appropriate herbs for each unique body type can naturally regulate the menstrual cycle  and tonify the kidneys, bladder, and urinary tract. 

Immune System Support

Allergies, chronic inflammation, or susceptibility to infection  are a few indicators that the immune system is asking for deeper nourishment.

Releasing Substance Dependency

Overuse of nicotine, alcohol, coffee, or other substances take a toll on the bodies nervous system and detoxification pathways. Learn how to support your body and ease your transition to freedom! 


Wellness Services

All offerings are sliding scale upon request. All services can be arranged for online or in person sessions. 

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Rooted and Reaching Wellness is currently practicing in Coast Salish Territory of the PNW. Consultations can be held in North Seattle, WA  or online. 

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